Timothy Cole

My name is Timothy Cole

. I'm a 24 year old, self-taught, software engineer. American
living on the coastal side of North Carolina.

Full-time Software Engineer at Social Blade LLC


Volunteer Admin for the TwitchDev Community


There's going to be a rocket launch in T-00:14:32:50; head on over to Spaceflight Live to see.

Hi, I'm Mila!

I am 3 months old, born on 5th July 2021. Ball Python, Half Het Albino/Het Piebald.

It is currently 0°F, with a humidity of 0%H in my terrarium.

My heater is currently OFF.

Desk Setup

My desk is made from a normal butcher block countertop ontop of the Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit (Premium - White).

I also sit in the Autonomous Kinn Chair

Find the tech on my Amazon Page.

Programming Setup

I’m a Vim user, or more specifically, NeoVim.

I’ve been using Vim as my main editor for the last 2 years!

Checkout my dotfiles if you’re interested in my config.