Timothy Cole

A 26 year old, self-taught, software engineer from Raleigh, NC.

I prefer to write back-end code (Rust, TypeScript, Go), but do front-end as needed (React/NextJS TypeScript).

NeoVim is my editor of choice. dotfiles

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Modest Labs LLC

Founder CEOOct 2021 - Present

Modest Labs is a development company that partners with others to build custom solutions for difficult problems.

Our main product is a service in collaboration with ByteDance called FreshTok. Providing TikTok creators with an easy and seamless way to share their content cross-platform for better discoverability.

Modest Labs operates AS992 for all network inquiries please use the contact email listed on whois.

Social Blade LLC

Engineering LeadMar 2016 - Present

Leading our engineering team working on building out our new tech stack and Kubernetes infrastructure. Making and implementing technical decisions, writing code and delegating tasks to others.

Currently leading the transition of our very legacy PHP, MySQL, Redis infrastructure to our new upcoming Rust, tRPC, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis, NextJS infrastructure.

Our transition goal is to provide a more user-friendly and stable service so everyone can continue to enjoy the stats they love without interruption.