Timothy Cole

A 25 year old, self-taught, software engineer from Raleigh, NC.

I prefer to write back-end code (Rust, TypeScript, Go), but do front-end as needed (React/NextJS TypeScript).

NeoVim is my editor of choice. dotfiles

I have two pet ball pythons named Mila and Oleg 🐍 but I don't program in python.

Picture of me

There's going to be a rocket launch in T-00:21:20:21; head on over to Spaceflight Live to see.

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Modest Labs LLC

Founder CEOOct 2021 - Present

Modest Labs is a development company that partners with others to build custom solutions for difficult problems.

Our main product is a service in collaboration with ByteDance called FreshTok. Providing TikTok creators with an easy and seamless way to share their content cross-platform for better discoverability.

Modest Labs operates AS992 for all network inquires please use the contact email listed on whois.

Social Blade LLC

Engineering LeadMar 2016 - Present

Currently leading the transition of our very legacy PHP, MySQL, Redis infrastructure to our new upcoming Rust, tRPC, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis, NextJS infrastructure.

Our transition goal is to provide a more user-friendly and stable service so everyone can continue to enjoy the stats they love without interruption.